MULTILUMINOUS 3-in-1 Glow In The Dark Art Prints 

At the moment I am offering the multiluminous prints on Kickstarter only.  
It is an excellent way to pre-order for a lower price. Delivery begins im September and later on they will be available in my online store along with my other artworks.


3-in-1 Glow in the dark prints ✨

Tune in to these images to tune out ;)

Posted by Bogi Fabian on Wednesday, 5 April 2017
MULTILUMINOUS 3-in-1 Glow In The Dark Art Prints by Bogi Fabian

I would like to make your life more colorful. To give you the kind of experience that cheers up your days and nights as well, that fills your heart with happiness - enchants you. The universe themed designs invite you into a place where you can dream, into the world of unlimited imagination. I would like to reach out to the curious child who always hides within you. 

MOON MULTILUMINOUS 3-in-1 Glow In The Dark Art Prints by Bogi Fabian

This crowdfunding project is aimed at starting the production and distribution of "Multiluminous" prints, based on my glow in the dark murals and other works of art. These prints are unique in arts and will be available for the very first time in this campaign.

I think today crowdfunding is the best way to ask when you are trying to make living through art and it is also the best way to test whether your ideas touch the common psyche in a positive and rewarding way and inspire fellow artists to use the multiluminous technique. 

I was blown away by the incredible amount of requests I got from all over the planet. Not many of us have the possibility and good connections to gather the necessary amount of money before having a "big bang" moment such as mine last year. In addition, my technique is impossible to replicate in other ways... 
Can you imagine a print of my creations without all the glowing effects? 

Every artist yearns to give the world something unique, something personal, something that adds to it. I am no exception and I have always strived to leave a mark on people’s perception about how they look at their surroundings. Apart from making more ‘traditional’ pieces, I wished to come up with a technique as well that has never been seen before. I started experimenting with glow-in-the-dark colours and paint in 2007 - creating murals, paintings, ceramics, jewellery and other art pieces, using the universe as a cohesive theme. Having Spent eight years perfecting this technique, I finally named it ‘multiluminism’. After having gone viral on the Internet in early 2015, my work has been sought after by individuals, companies and governments from all around the world. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests, I decided to create replicable products, as cloning myself was not an option in order to travel around the world and paint every bedroom and wall I have been asked to. Also, these projects take a lot of time and money, not enabling everyone to experience these multiluminous art pieces at first hand. Therefore the prints offer affordable alternatives and come straight to your doorstep as the rest of the rewards.  

Mini moon is rechargeable with any light source and can glow in the dark for hours. You'll choose night glow colors when the campaign has ended.

Collection circular designs
Small Print Size: 70cm x 70cm // 27 x 27 inch
Medium Print Size: 150 x 150cm // 59 x 59 inch