bogi fabian

Art - Even when the lights go down


Bogi Fabian is a Hungarian artist, most commonly known for her multiluminous art pieces. Her works include murals, ceramics, painting, installation art, photography, body painting, sculpting, etc.


Boglárka “Bogi” Réka Fábián was born in Körmend, Hungary on July 21st, 1984. Born into an educated but somewhat troubled family background, Fabian used art as a way to express herself while moving around the country living in different foster homes. She experimented with singing, dancing and other fields of art before settling at painting and photography.

Having received no advanced formal education in art, Fabian has self-developed her own techniques through the years as she was encouraged by her audience to carry on working on her skills.


At the age of seventeen, Fabian left Hungary to pursue other ventures in Austria and Italy, following a love interest. These events marked her first forays into pursuing art as a profession in her early twenties as she first started selling her paintings and slowly began receiving accolades throughout Europe for her portraits, nude figure depictions and other works at various competitions and exhibitions.

Under the motto : “Art - even when the lights go down”

In 2007, Fabian started experimenting with Ultraviolet and glow-in-the-dark colors - inspired by a  teenage experience - as an attempt to elevate the fluorescent and phosphorescent technique back into mainstream art, first using it as add-ons for paintings, live performances, which were later followed by full-on murals, ceramics and other art pieces that use the complete effects of the three techniques in one.

While taking up various assignments in photography, painting and other artistic ventures in Italy from 2010, Fabian perfected the self-titled “multiluminous” technique that incorporates various glow-in-the dark and “classical” painting skills and crafts that is capable of showing different images under different spectra or in the absence of light.

Following the massive interest towards her multiluminous murals after going viral in 2015, she helped developing a range of mass production prints and other art pieces, replicating her art, and set up a company in Austria and Hungary where she currently resides -  producing these pieces.