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Art - Even when the lights go down


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Throughout last year, I had many reasons to give serious thought to offering the world my own custom paints. It was undoubtedly one of the things so many of you were most curious about! :) Another reason for this is the threat of other companies using my name and designs to sell their unlicensed products, which unfortunately will never achieve your expectations regarding intensity and unique effect. Their paints will never produce the quality colors that I use for my work. But the most important reason is that I would really like to get to know more creative people in the world! 
Your feedback seem to be the same: switching between different worlds and dreams come true* Producing these paints is a process similarly elaborate to my other works. I am currently working on solutions to offer different sets of colors. For artists, lovely moms, passionate veterans, and even children. :)

My first 2 paint kits includes 10 different colors to 100 ml.

With these colors you will be able to create a fantastic and unique starry sky for yourself or your loved ones. All you need is a ladder and some courage!
And of course I will help you to do it! :)
The sets will include various stencils and other tools to help you apply your own universe to your walls. You will also receive many instructions to understand more about how to paint realistic universes. I see so many of you with the desire to create your own do-it-yourself universes and that you already have fantastic ideas to bring life to on your walls. I also know how it feels to finish a big piece of art. Then lie down. Switch off the lights. And allow ourselves to be mesmerized by our own creation.

Well, what can I say?  It is a very special moment - it is like a dream..

Art Can Change The World Because It Can Change People