Art - Even when the lights go down
Multiluminous 3-in-1 GLOW IN THE DARK PRINTS

Whenever I am unable to paint by hand due to the lack of an empty wall or canvas, I reach for digital tools. What makes them great is that I am able to work even faster and more freely. Our imagination is able to come up with some highly interesting concepts and our enthusiasm enables us some of our best efforts.


I believe curiosity is the only thing that really keeps us pressing on in life.

We are curious about what the new dawns bring... and the one after that one... and the following one after that. A new day, the scents of a yet uncharted garden, finding a solution to a problem, an honest, due conversation, the experience of something novel - only to realize there is still a way up from there. How a long-awaited embrace will feel like, being witness to the shift of shapes and colors throughout our journey, the tune we are bound to fall in love with and remember what really is important for us - the one thing we strive to get closer and closer to each day. The longing to perceive ceaselessly. I am curious about all these, the same way a child or a scientist is - peeking through the keyhole, daydreaming by the window or expecting a scientific breakthrough.

Real life - to me - is driven by curiosity. I believe the perception we create about our home and environment is responsible for the level of curiosity embedded within us.
The place we may call home fuels the intensity of our curiosity - due to its endless boundaries or excruciating limitations.
If I am able to imagine the infinity, enclosing limitations are torn down in my mind and I am once again curious about what the next dawn will reveal. This is one of the most important reasons why I keep depicting the universe. My curiosity towards the mystery of endlessness is what I wish to share through my work.

When we are curious, can we imagine what a new love could feel like? How would it compare to anything?

It can be a gigantic cloud wave awoken in a far away galaxy, whose dust glows with glitter and is stirred up in the shape of a dance. This enchanting wave has only been woken up by the birth of two, steaming stars light years away. They slowly crawl towards each other, their scorching wind turns the cloud into waves - without them, this cloud would not exist. Maybe these two stars will one day gravitate into one infinite, perfect unity. 

Stellar collision. 

Events such as this can happen every ten thousand years in different reaches of our galaxy.