Art - Even when the lights go down
Multiluminous 3-in-1 GLOW IN THE DARK PRINTS

  • Where do I live and where do I work?

I work worldwide.
I also create my artworks in my studios in Hungary and Vienna, where I live. 

  • What is Multiluminism and how does it work

Multiluminism as an art technique combines fluorescent (i.e. black light) and photoluminescent/phosphorescent (i.e. glow-in-the-dark) technologies along with traditional ‘daylight’ technique to create various pieces such as paintings, murals, ceramic or wood sculptures, bodypainting, furniture, photography, etc. In my case the multiluminous technique uses a  self-developed paint that shows different ranges of colours under natural light, ultraviolet light and even in the lack of light - with a potential 3D effect through ChromaDepth glasses. By applying this technique, it is possible to create 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 or even 3D full color depictions that feature different images under said lighting conditions.

  • Which colors do I use? 

Such a thing as  colors that I am using at my work are actually not existing on the market.  I create and mix my own colors and I put a lot of effort  to achieve the end results you can see on the pictures of my works. It took me years to create my own colours and it is still an ongoing progress. That means I am using very different materials and techniques, and sometimes it is a challenge for me to, thereforeevery artwork is unique. 

In case you are interested, to create something similar by your own, you can do 2 things:
Either you search for materials online and you try to use them by yourself
or you wait until I will offer my multiluminous paints. 


  • How is my technique used?

I love working with my hands and feel the material between my fingers. It sounds weird, but with my fingers I feel the surface and get an intense connection with my artwork.  I use different equipments for my works: airbrush, paintbrush, sponge, different kind of cloth gloves, and nearly everything I can find. I love to experiment with every kind of equipment. 


  • Is your artwork copyrighted? 

Yes! My artwork and photographs are copyrigthed.  An image doesn't need the copyright symbol on it to be covered by the copyright laws. Copying anothers work is a very delicate thing.  Just get inspired by my art and create something that expresses your own special self.