Glowing Murals

I am trying to create dreamy atmospheres, paint walls and floors and manage to enlighten my art with and without a source of energy.   Thus, the spectator can experience the result in the daylight as well as in the dark, and in that way enjoy it in all its facets. My goal is to create unique spaces and rooms giving them an identity and a soul, where relaxing and living become an experience...

Bogi Fabian Amethystwelt
Bogi Fabian Glowingmural
Bogi Fabian Amethystwelt Universe Room for Minerals
Bogi fabian Glowing mural universe

Bogi Fabian Glowing Mural 21

If you are interested in my mural paintings, please fill out the request form and send it to me. I cannot answer any requests without completed request form: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM  Please send me the completed form to