Art - Even when the lights go down
Multiluminous 3-in-1 GLOW IN THE DARK PRINTS


Multiluminism is an art technique based on a decade-long research and development of paints, colours, technique and philosophy that incorporates various glow-in-the-dark techniques such as photo-luminescent, fluorescence and phosphorescence - showing different colours in natural and ultraviolet light and emitting its own light in the dark. Daylight appearance can show up as any ‘traditional’ depiction or it can be completely transparent - concealing the underlying imagery under conventional light conditions -, while the fluorescence effects show up in the presence of ultraviolet light source and the phosphorescent ones appear in complete darkness most dominantly.

Bogi Fabian is a Hungarian artist, most commonly known for her multiluminous art pieces. Her works include murals, ceramics, painting, installation art, photography, body painting, sculpting, etc.

Boglárka “Bogi” Réka Fábián was born in Körmend, Hungary on July 21st, 1984 into an educated but somewhat troubled family background.  Fabian used art as a way to express herself while moving around the country living in different foster homes. She experimented with singing, dancing and other fields of art before settling at painting and visuals arts.

Having received no advanced formal education in art, Fabian has self-developed her own techniques through the years as she was encouraged by her surroundings to carry on working on her skills.

At the age of seventeen, Fabian left Hungary to pursue other ventures in Italy following a love interest. These events marked her first forays into pursuing art as a profession in her early twenties as she first started selling her paintings and slowly began receiving accolades throughout Europe for her portraits, nude figure depictions and other works at various competitions and exhibitions.

Under the motto : “Art - even when the lights go down”

In 2007, Fabian started experimenting with Ultraviolet and glow-in-the-dark colors as an attempt to elevate the fluorescent and phosphorescent technique back into mainstream art, first using it as add-ons for paintings, live performances, which were later followed by body-painting, full-on murals, ceramics and other art pieces that use the complete effects of the three techniques in one.

While taking up various assignments in photography, painting and other artistic ventures in Italy from 2010, Fabian perfected the self-titled “multiluminous” technique that incorporates various glow-in-the dark and “classical” painting skills and crafts that is capable of showing different images under different spectra or in the absence of light. Following the massive interest towards her glowing murals in 2015, she developed a printing technology replicating her art.

A long process to develop a new technology

Bogi spent over 3 years to develop the technology enabling the  production of her prints and wallpapers.
In 2017, after a successfully funded crowdfunding campaign “Glowing Galaxy Murals” Bogi aimed to start the production of an already developed collection.

By the end of 2017 her Multiluminous Studio is readily in motion, collaborating with space authorities to create art prints that connects people to the universe, such as The Hubble Space Telescope Collection.



“Glowing Hubble Space Telescope collection“ 2018

”Glowing Galaxy Murals” 2017"

”Glowing Mural Prints - Multiluminous” 2016

“Glowing Cosmic Dreamscapes” 2015

Public Installations and Exhibitions:

”THE BOX” Amsterdam Clink - Groot Laboratory Netherlands 2018

”THE SATELLITE” for the Northernmost Library on earth Svalbard Norway 2017

”SECRET LIGHTS” Mural & Light-installation exhibitions-room for AmethystWorld Maissau Austria 2015

”THE WATERFALL” Mural & Light-installation for Brozeck Power Vienna Austria 2013

”DREAMY ROOMS” 11 Installations for Hotel Zemann Helental 2012

“THE CIRCLE” exhibition about the Human existence oil on wood 2011

“FOREFRONTS OF THE COLLECTIVE SOUL” Exhibition oil paintings Merano Italy 2008

“BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY” Exhibition oil paintings Lana Italy 2006

“ The universe that seems so distant, but is our cradle at the same time...
The world that we understand so little of.
But still, all its secrets lie hidden inside us: its materials, its energies that surround us and are inside us.

What if we can gain the sensation of overcoming distances that our eyes judge to be vast?
Can we abolish imaginary confines using visuals?
This is my constant goal throughout my work.
Life is filled with invisible but significant progress.“

- Bogi Fabian