Art - Even when the lights go down
Multiluminous 3-in-1 GLOW IN THE DARK PRINTS

" Dear XY ... "

Dear XY,

a lot of time has passed since you contacted me and since then I a had the most turbulent, chaotic but somehow also the most beautiful period of my life. 

The fact that you have searched for me and my art work in such great numbers after my glowing murals went viral has pushed me into a sort of creative frenzy. I have tried to find a solution for every single one of you and so I set up my greatest challenge I ever did in my life - to produce my glowing artworks fast and effective enough for all of you around the world.

And so I begin a long and difficult journey with setting up the production system for printing my glowing wallpapers and glowing galaxy murals - connecting you to the cosmos. Additionally I am creating a book and wonderful 3-in-1 paint kits for all creative souls out there.